Financial Roadmap for Associations

A Value-Added Benefit for Your Members

Your Financial Roadmap is a powerful online tool that delivers personalized financial guidance for your Members.

Members answer simple questions to identify areas where they could improve their financial situation.

Their report will offer simple, clear, and objective guidance with steps to improve their financial situation.

Your Association Members are likely in need of financial guidance.

A recent CareerBuilder survey found that only 32% of Americans use a budget. Nearly 3 in 4 workers say they are in debt and 28% of those earning less than $100,000 are living paycheck to paycheck.


In the same study, 71% said they were in debt and more than half (56%) felt they would never get out of their debt. Furthermore, more than one in four workers do net set aside any savings each month for emergencies or retirement. (1)


1.) CareerBuilder 2019 Survey -

Benefits For Your Association

Exclusive Association Offers
Improved Membership Retention
Professional Referral Network

Benefits For Your Members

Personalized Financial Guidance
Improved Morale
Monthly Financial Newsletters

Getting Started

Your Financial Roadmap is for everyone. Whether the topic is prepping for retirement, paying for children’s college tuition, or establishing basic financial literacy, Your Financial Roadmap asks the smart questions that deliver smart pathways to resolution.


Your members will thank you for providing such a straightforward tool that advances their financial well-being in a minimum amount of time. 


Help your members become more confident about their financial future. See our FAQ page or contact us below to receive more information and to get started.