Financial Roadmap for Employers

A Cost-Effective, Turn-Key Employee Benefit

Your Financial Roadmap is a powerful online tool that provides personalized financial guidance to your employees.

Employees answer simple questions to identify areas where they could improve their financial situation.

Their report will offer simple, clear, and objective guidance with steps to improve their financial situation.

Financial strain has been attributed to decreased efficiency and morale, costing businesses millions of dollars each year in reduced productivity. 

In a recent study, seven out of ten HR professionals indicated that personal financial challenges had a "large or some impact" on their employees' performance.

In the same study, 47% reported that personal financial challenges for employees led to a diminished ability to focus on their work and 50% stated an increase in overall stress due to finances. (1)


1.) Society for Human Resource Management - 2014 SHRM Survey on Financial Wellness and Education

Benefits For Your Business

Getting Started

Offering Your Financial Roadmap as an employee benefit is affordable with per person or discounted group rates to suit specific needs of your business.


Help your employees become more confident about their financial future. See our FAQ page or contact us below to receive more information and to get started.


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