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10 Incredibly Simple Things You Should be Doing to Protect Your Privacy

  1. Password protect your devices: your smartphone, your i-Pad, your computer, your tablet, etc.

  2. Put a Google alert on your name.

  3. Sign out of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. when you are done with your emailing, social networking, tweeting, and other forms of time-wasting task.

  4. Do not give out your email address, phone number, or zip codes when asked.

  5. Encrypt your computer.

  6. Gmailers, turn on 2-step authentication in Gmail.

  7. Pay in cash for embarrassing items.

  8. Change your Facebook settings to "Friends Only."

  9. Clear your browser history and cookies on a regular basis.

  10. Use an IP masker

To get the specific information on each of the ten steps and to read the full article, go here.

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